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Introduction to portraits

Written by Hana Šrubařová.

      Welcome to my website devoted to portraits. You will find both painted portraits of the classical technique of oil painting on canvas, and even today modern digital portraits. 

     Why get your portrait painted?
     Hand-painted portrait is not only a work of art, suitable as interior decoration, but can also serve as a special gift as a birthday, anniversary or different as a wedding gift. Very popular are also portraits of children that will delight both parents and grandparents. Unlike the image of such photographs will last several generations and will be well on its value.

     What type of portrait you?
     First of all, it's a matter of taste whether to give priority to classical oil painting or digital painting. IF you can not decide, see the section in the "portraits" to learn more about the various techniques.
Finally, it should be considered as the final image size you require which is derived from the price of the portrait.

     Thank you for visiting this site and hope that you choose such a portrait, which comforted themselves or their loved ones. If you have any questions please contact me.